Boy's Youth Lacrosse on Seattle's Eastside

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The Greater Eastside youth Lacrosse League (GELL) is a boy's youth lacrosse league open to all youth lacrosse clubs that feed into Washington State's KingoCo Conference high schools. GELL spans 22 programs (18 members and 4 guest programs) with 110 teams in spring 2020. Our member clubs develop youth in the sport of field lacrosse. The league provides spring and fall game schedules for grade-based K-2, 3/4, 5/6 (55, 56, 66), 7/8 (77, 78, 88) divisions. The spring game schedule, our main season, runs from March through May. The fall game schedule runs from September through November. 


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Update 4/29The GELL Executive Board announced its unanimous decision to officially cancel the GELL Spring 2020 season. This decision was based on the latest information from the office of the Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee. As requested, the governor provided an explicit ruling on team sports in his April 27 announcement. He also shared further indicators that make team sports highly unlikely within the coming weeks. With insufficient time remaining for a condensed season, the decision was made to officially cancel the season. GELL will not be organizing any season prior to Fall Ball. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide more information on Fall Ball as we near the beginning of September.
Update 4/7: At today's GELL Executive Board meeting, it was unanimously decided to continue planning for an abbreviated six-week spring 2020 GELL youth lacrosse season starting May 5th. We will adjust our plans accordingly if Governor Jay Inslee extends the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order beyond May 4th. We would likely be looking at a 2-game per week schedule (Wednesday/Saturday). We understand that high school fields will not be available based on the Governor's declaration of school closures through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. We further understand that the availability of community fields is still unknown. As we get closer to the date, we will have more information. We believe that it is important to remain positive, hopeful, and prepare for an abbreviated season.
Update 3/12 @ 5:00 pm: Following the announcement by Governor Jay Inslee to close all schools in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, the GELL Executive Board made a unanimous decision to postpone all GELL activities scheduled through Friday, April 24th. 
Update 3/12 @ 11:00 am: Based on current field closures, the GELL Executive Board made a unanimous decision to postpone all GELL games scheduled through Saturday, March 21st. 
Update 3/5: The GELL Executive Board made a unanimous decision to postpone all GELL games scheduled for Saturday, March 7th. The number of programs with closed fields has increased and is likely to grow. We have marked these games as "CANCELLED" in the GELL system. If these games are rescheduled, it will be by extending our season and appending those games at the end. Your board and coaches will be reaching out to you with more information regarding how this impacts your specific program. Most programs will continue to practice as long as they have fields. Those programs with closed fields may be securing alternate fields or partnering with neighboring programs for field access through joint practices and/or scrimmages. Programs that decide to have a scrimmage must have certified US Lacrosse referees in order for the event to be covered by insurance. However, the league will not be providing referees. Each program will need to secure their own referees, either through the WALOA league assignor or on their own.

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The Spring 2020 GELL Season Calendar was finalized at the January GELL membership meeting. For reference, we've also included significant dates for WHSBLA, WALOA, WSLA, and USL. The final version is linked below, dated 1/24/2020.



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Spring 2020 GELL Game Dates Finalized

The Spring 2020 GELL Game Dates were finalized at the January GELL membership meeting. This includes all divisions; K-2, 3/4, 5/6, 77, 78, and 88. The final version is linked below, dated 1/23/2020.



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GELL Board Meeting Calendar
8/28/2018 Special Meeting to Review "One Team In-Season Rule"
10/11/2018 October GELL Board Meeting (Officer Elections, Committee Appointments)
11/15/2018 November GELL Board Meeting (Review USL Boys Lacrosse Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis)
12/13/2018 December GELL Board Meeting
1/24/2019 January GELL Board Meeting


posted 08/19/2018
GELL One Team In-Season Rule

GELL “One Team In-Season” Rule (adopted by vote of 14-1-2 on 10/12/2017)

Youth players (grades 3-8) within all GELL member programs may only play for one team during the GELL spring season. The start date for playing for one team only is the Saturday of President’s Day weekend and the end date is the end of day Monday of Memorial Day weekend. The prohibition includes practices, tryouts, and games of lacrosse. Only lacrosse activities are prohibited.

Any GELL program with a player who violates this rule will be subject to a financial penalty and possible sanctions to be determined by the executive board.

Intra-program swinging of players, as specified in section IV rule 4, is allowed.

This rule does not apply during the optional fall ball season.

posted 10/12/2017
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