Boy's Youth Lacrosse on Seattle's Eastside

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The Greater Eastside youth Lacrosse League (GELL) is a boy's youth lacrosse league open to all youth lacrosse clubs that feed into Washington State's KingoCo Conference high schools. GELL spans 23 programs (18 members and 5 guest programs) with 110 teams in spring 2020. Our member clubs develop youth in the sport of field lacrosse. The league provides spring and fall game schedules for grade-based K-2, 3/4, 5/6 (55, 56, 66), 7/8 (77, 78, 88) divisions. The spring game schedule, our main season, runs from March through May. The fall game schedule runs from September through November. 


GELL Directors Meeting Calendar

September GELL Directors Meeting

  • Officer Elections
  • Discuss and Vote to Approve Updated GELL Rules & Regulations
  • Fall Ball (for those participating)

October GELL Directors Meeting

  • Committee Appointments
  • Present and Discuss Spring 2022 League Schedule
  • Discuss 56 Division

November GELL Directors Meeting

  • Petitions for New Programs (if any)
  • Discuss and Vote to Approve Updated and Ammended GELL Bylaws
  • Review League Schedule

December GELL Directors Meeting

  • Review and Approve League Schedule
  • Sign "Acknowledgement of Understanding"
  • Review USL Boys Lacrosse Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis
  • Game Rule Matrix change proposals and discussion

January GELL Directors Meeting

  • Team Declarations
  • Present Budget and Approve
  • Invoice Programs


by posted 07/09/2021
SEI-Certified Pads Required for Spring 2022

All players of boys lacrosse (K-12) must have SEI-certified pads for spring 2022 that meet NOCSAE Performance Standard ND200:
  • Read and understand the field player pad requirements
  • If you don't already have them, purchase certified pads before the spring 2022 season
In spring 2021, goalie chest protectors that meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to protect players from commotio cordis became required for all lacrosse goalies across youth (USA Lacrosse), high school (NFHS), college (NCAA), and for all disciplines of the game (men and women) played in the United States.
In spring 2022, the mandate will extend to all field players in youth and high school boys’ and college men’s lacrosse.
Purchase early as several factors will make acquiring the pads in a timely manner a bit challenging:
  • There are over 800,000 youth players and 120,000 high school players in the United States
  • Reatilers are already out-of-stock on popular sizes while they await fulfilment of restocking orders
  • Most, if not all, are produced in China and other areas of the world where COVID-19 has slowed production
  • Shipping delays are expected due to disruptions to the global supply chain
Understand your options: There are two types of products available on the market; shoulder pads and liners.
  • Traditional lacrosse shoulder pads: These offer more protection than liners and are worn by youth players and older offensive players that are getting checked often. Most advanced attackman opt for shoulder pads rather than liners even at the high school and collegiate levels as they want the extra shoulder and arm protection. Youth players should wear the most protection possible.
  • Shoulder pad liners: These are designed to be snug-fitting, low profile pieces that offer sternum and collar bone protection but do not have bulkier shoulder padding or arm padding. Liners are primarily worn by more advanced players that are shedding padding for better mobility and are playing either middie or defense. Liners trade less protection for more mobility.

Brands: There are currently 5 brands on the market with SEI-certified pads that meet NOCSAE Performance Standard ND200:
  • Maverik
  • Nike
  • STX
  • True Sports
  • Unequal (Polymer Technologies Inc.)
  • Warrior
Retailers: There are many retailers to choose from, both brick-and-mortar and inline.
Sizing: Refer to each manufacturer's sizing chart to ensure a proper fit.
Certified Products: The current list of certified shoulder pad and liner products can be found on the Safety Equipment Insitute (SEI) website.

Additional Information:

by GELL Executive Committee posted 07/01/2021
2021 GELL-88 Championship Game - Time Changed to 1:00 pm

Eastlake earns the 2021 GELL-88 Champion title.




Division Moniker


Think of it as


The GELL-88 Division is for the most competitive 78 team in a program that has more than one 78 team. It is the equivalent of GELL-99 prior to 2019. The name is derived from the likelihood that the roster will be heavily skewed towards 8th graders. The program will select which players it places on their GELL-88 team and which players it will place on its GELL-77 team.


Division 1


GELL-78 is for those programs that have only one 78 team. The name is derived from the likelihood that the roster will be a mix of 7th and 8th graders.


Division 2


The GELL-77 Division is for the developmental 78 team in a program that has more than one 78 team. The name is derived from the likelihood that the roster will be heavily skewed towards 7th graders.




Who makes the playoffs: The top 8 eligible GELL-88 teams are seeded into a playoff bracket.
Ineligible teams include those that;
  1. belong to a GELL guest program (Auburn, Bainbridge Island, North Seattle, and Shoreline), 
  2. elected to swing players between their GELL-77 and GELL-88 teams (none for spring 2021), or
  3. were deemed ineligible due to a related rule violation (none for spring 2021).
For spring 2021, there were 5 eligible GELL-88 teams (Mercer Island, Eastlake, Issaquah, Mount Si, and Bellevue). When there are fewer than 8 eligible GELL-88 teams, the remaining teams in the playoff bracket come from the top-seeded eligible teams in the GELL-78 bracket. This was a little more complicated for spring 2021. Some GELL programs were not able to start their season until after spring break, due to COVID-19 related field unavailability. To accommodate those challenges, three GELL-78 conferences were created; GELL-78N (North), GELL-78S (South), and GELL-78D (Delayed). The top eligible team in each of these three conferences earned a spot in the playoff bracket (Skyline, Woodinville, and Newport).

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GELL “Play For” Rule Language Clarified
GELL “Play For” Rule Language Clarified to align with precedent
GELL Rules are periodically updated when the language needs clarification to align with precedent. In this case, the language of GELL rule V was updated to provide needed clarification based on the consistent outcomes of similar waiver requests received.
Over the past few years, GELL has seen an increase in waiver requests from the families of players who attend a school that has a lacrosse program affiliated with a neighboring league that, for various reasons, in a given year, does not field a team either in a given division or in any division. A small subset of these families have submitted waiver requests to GELL requesting to join a GELL team based on their residence address. The GELL has consistently denied these waivers.
The language of the GELL "Play For" rule V was updated to provide clarification that reflects the consistent rulings for this type of waiver request. The rules amended are V.2.c and V.5. The 2021 GELL Rules can be found in the GELL Documents Folder.

by GELL Executive Board posted 03/04/2021
GELL One Program In-Season Rule

GELL “One Program In-Season” Rule (adopted by vote of 14-1-2 on 10/12/2017)

All youth players within all GELL member and guest programs may only play for one program during the GELL spring season. The start date for playing for one program only is typically the Saturday of President’s Day weekend and the end date is typically the end of day Monday of Memorial Day weekend. The exact dates are published in the official GELL Season Calendar and may change until finalized prior to the start date. The prohibition includes practices, tryouts, and games of lacrosse. Only lacrosse activities are prohibited. This rule does not apply during the optional fall ball season.

For spring 2021, the GELL “In Season” dates are 2/27/2021 through 6/13/2021

Any GELL program with a player who violates this rule will be subject to a financial penalty and possible sanctions to be determined by the executive board. Intra-program swinging of players, as specified in section IV rule 4, is allowed.

The GELL Rules and Regulations are posted to our documents folder.

posted 10/12/2017
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